COVID-19 Guidelines

In love to our neighbors and in honor to our country, we will use our freedom in Christ not for ourselves, but for others. We want to witness to the good news of the Bible: that forgiveness of sins is found only in Jesus Christ. We don't want anything to distract from that. Therefore, the leadership of our church has created these guidelines to best accomplish our task of glorifying God in welcoming one another, witnessing to our community, loving our neighbors, respecting our leaders, and denying ourselves. These masks and social distancing guidelines really have brought out the worst of us Americans. But here at Beloit Road Baptist Church, we are committed to not let them define us nor rob us of our joy. Instead, we will "welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God" (Romans 15:7).

For now, here are our specific guidelines:

  • Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 10AM and our Sunday Evening prayer service is at 5PM. We will not be continuing Sunday School, Wednesday Nights, potlucks, or other programs for now.
  • To accommodate our whole church family, we will open the downstairs as an overflow room with seating to watch the Facebook Livestream.
  • We have spaced rows six feet apart for social distancing. We ask you keep three empty chairs in between families/groups. Although there is no need to social distance from those you interact with normally throughout the week, please do your best to follow social distancing when in the building.
  • The West Allis Health Department highly recommends wearing a face mask among gatherings in buildings. The BRBC leadership is not mandating masks, but is asking you to pray about following their recommendations. Some will wear them, and some will not. We trust the Lord will use this to teach us not to judge one another, but to love, respect, and accept one another.
  • We ask parents to continually stay with your children to help them practice social distancing.

Thank you all for your patience. I trust that God is leading us. May he use this plan to glorify his name, resolve our zeal to deny ourselves, and grow in our passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ to our community. God bless,

Who we are

The story of our church begins at the very beginning. God made humanity in his image to be in relationship with him. All was very good, but then we sinned against him. We disobeyed his rules and have continually rebelled against him by ignoring him in the way we live our lives. We deserve punishment: death, and even the wrath of God in Hell.

However, in his great love, God sent his Son Jesus as Lord and Savior to rescue his people from all their enemies: Satan, death, and most importantly their own sin. This is how he did it. Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross, and rose again from the dead. At the cross, Jesus fulfilled the law and took on himself the punishment for the sins of the world. The resurrection proved that God accepted his sacrifice as enough to cover the entire wrath of God for all our sins.

How can we participate in Jesus' victory? God now calls us to trust in Jesus Christ alone for our forgiveness and repent of our sins. If we repent and believe in Christ, we are now in Jesus and given eternal life, which starts now! The Holy Spirit makes us a new creation, empowering us to live a new life, characterized by faitth and hope, righteousness and justice, mercy and love.

Here, at Beloit Road Baptist Church, we confess that we are totally incapable of earning God's favor or forgiveness, and that Jesus is our only hope in life and death. We believe in Jesus as our Savior, follow him as our Lord, and delight in him as our supreme Treasure. We invite you to make our story your story as we grow in knowing, serving, and treasuring Jesus together. We don't clean ourselves up to go to God; we go to God to get ourselves cleaned up. Please come, just as you are, and experience the joy we have found in Jesus Christ.

Located at 8337 W Beloit Road

West Allis, Wisconsin 53219

Schedule and services

Sunday Bible Classes | 9:00 - 9:45 AM (no service because of Covid19)

Morning Worship Service | 10:00-11:30 AM
Prayer Service | 5:00 PM

Wednesday Evening | 6:00-8:00 PM (no service because of Covid19)