John and Nancy Sawyer

SIM | Southern Wisconsin

SIM is an international, interdenominational mission organization with more than 1,800 missionaries serving in more than 43 countries on five continents! More than anything else, SIM is people – a family of believers dedicated to reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ. One of the hallmarks of SIM is the many opportunities for service it provides in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and North America. SIM members not only serve in diverse geographical areas, but are international themselves, coming from 33 countries. They serve in a wide spectrum of career fields and there are openings for people of every race and nationality, with almost any skill. John and Nancy Sawyer have worked in Nigeria for 30 years. For 21 years John taught at Hillcrest School while Nancy was involved in nursing and administrative work. John also worked with an outreach team showing Christian films around the country. During their last seven and a half years they worked with City Ministries of ECWA, an urban program to help children at risk on the streets of Nigeria. Additionally, John and Nancy support the care and education of children of Nigerian (national) missionaries.

They currently live in Waukesha WI and are actively involved in their church and promoting the ministry of SIM.


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Charlotte, NC 28241 7900