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Since 1938, RBC Ministries (RBC) has offered inspirational and Bible study programs and materials without cost or obligation to millions of people around the world. Throughout RBC's history, they have been teaching the Word of God so as to lead people of all nations to personal faith and maturity in Christ. In order to achieve their goal, RBC uses every method and medium available. RBC's audiences are as diverse as their methods, they include pastors, counselors, lay persons, TV and radio stations, prisons, schools, businesses, essentially any organization with resources that can touch families, friends, churches and client networks. The idea is that every person RBC reaches has the potential to shine and to spread the gospel just as Jesus commanded. In addition to radio and TV, RBC offers a multitude of teaching resources such as "Been Thinking About," "Days of Discovery," "Answers to Tough Questions" and "Our Daily Bread."

Contact Information

RBC Ministries
PO Box 2222
Grand Rapids, MI 49501
Telephone: 616 974 2210