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New Tribes Mission

The Morris Family

Manila, Philipines


Someone must go tell them about God's gift of salvation. Someone needs to live among them, love them with Jesus' love, learn their culture and language, and then teach the people in their own language about the Savior. New Tribes Mission trains and coordinates missionaries, sent by local churches, to take the Gospel to tribal people. Missionaries then plant churches. They disciple believers, translate the Scriptures, and train teachers and leaders, who in turn reach out to their own people and to neighboring tribes.

Joe and Sesil Morris live in Manila, along with their sevenĀ children: Abri (04/14/85), Jana (08/15/86), Adam (12/14/87), Iris (05/14/89), Tina (01/05/91), Evie (06/25/92) and Tony (11/23/94). Joe's main responsibilities are serving as a member of the field leadership team and as the Philippine field computer and communications technician (including the Manila office network administrator). Sesil's main responsibilities are helping new arrivals with housing needs and orientation to the Philippines.

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