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Where is God?
by Ps. Bill on January 28th, 2016

​Sometimes we are asked the question, “Is God at work at Beloit Road Baptist?”  Of course we can say yes, but that really does not answer the question.  What they really want to know is how is God at work.  That is a valid question that we should be asking all the time, if we can’t answer that we have a problem, so here are some words to encourage all the readers of this post.
God is doing some wonderful things here, it is always a joy to talk to members of the congregation who come up and share how the ministry has been affecting their walk on a daily basis.  We do not want to share names, but we have been told of how the messages and the studies have changed the way they interact with family and at work.  How God has shown them that what they are doing is not an act of love, and neither does it keep the name of God holy.  Sometimes those seem like small things, but that really is the essence of church growth. It is not always seen in numbers of attendees, but are those who walk through the doors growing in their relationship with Christ and bringing glory to His name in every situation. 
Then there was the awesome display of love for the missionaries and people in Paraguay.  Anyone can go to a foreign country and see the sights and share the love of Christ, but the way this church rallied behind the ministry was beyond our expectations.  It had to be a God thing.  It brought encouragement to the Missionaries on the field, who love what they are doing, but do need to know that there are people who love and pray for them.  It brought encouragement to the national church as they were left with the knowledge that the church is bigger than them, and that there were people thousands of miles away who were praying for them.  It brought encouragement to the team who went, as we experienced your love, prayers and support, which helped us to display the love of Christ to all we came in contact with.  It was amazing to see how the Church of Christ can come together to display His glory when we are so far away from one another.
For a long time we prayed for more prayer warriors to come on the scene, for prayer really is the weapon of our battle.  Even though it seemed like a long time to come about, we now have 20-24 people coming out on Wednesday evening for our Prayer and Bible Study time.  That is a God thing. 
We need to remain encouraged and looking to the God who loves us on a daily basis.  We may feel insignificant at times, but we serve a God who works with through the weak and insignificant things of the world.  So lets continue to rejoice and praise Him for He never forgets us. 
Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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