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by Ps. Bill on December 23rd, 2015

God is Good.  We made it home all in one piece and all of our luggage.  About the time our bodies were adjusting to heat and humidity we come back to cold and humidity.  But it could be colder.  Now we also have to catch up on some rest.  Please be praying for those who have to get back in to their work routine so quickly.

Our time in Paraguay was amazing, and God was apparent in the process.  When we arrived in Paraguay it was cloudy and hot.  We arrived at the guest house and got settled into bed and it began to storm.  They had over 4” of rain and it was over by the time we were out of bed.  That pretty much described our encounters with the rain while we were there.  It always followed us.  When we drove from Pablo Juan Callebero to Cuidad del Estes it was a pretty nice day.  but there was a storm that followed us and washed out the highway, not just a small section, but a pretty significant chunk.  If we would have left a few hours later we would not have made it.  we would have been stuck in the Northern part of the country.

The only rain we had to deal with was the Saturday before we left.  Travis, our NTM liaison, drove us into Ascension to do some last minute shopping and help out the local economy.  It was raining pretty good, the streets were like rivers.  We went shopping, outdoor mall, and stayed dry as it pretty much stopped by the time we got there.

Our time at the conference was amazing also.  David and Linda, Carol and Ruthann, Katie and Ps. Bill, and Randy were blessed by those who attended our sessions.  We just pray that we were able to bless them as much as they blessed us. 

The gifts that were made available to the missionaries were greatly appreciated.   It was hard at first for the missionaries to take more than they might need.  But after we encouraged and hounded them they began to take what they needed.  Talking to one family, they told us that their parents sent some coloring books, crayons and other things for their children’s Christmas.  When they received the package is was pretty disgusting looking and the books and things were covered in mold.  They were pretty taken back as that was pretty much their kids Christmas.  Lo and behold, on the gift tables there were coloring books, crayons, toys…   Needless to say, they were ecstatic.   God is involved in all the details.

There is so much more, I will try to add some more in the next days.  But you can see the pictures and testimonies on Dec 31, at BRBC, 6PM.

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