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We are still Here in Paraguay
by Ps. Bill on December 18th, 2015

We have been with out a reliable internet connection and time to post anything.  So here is a quick glimpse of our time.

December 14, 2015
It has been a while since I have been able to sit down and get thoughts together concerning our time here in Paraguay.  Some of you are probably wondering if we are still around, yes we are. 

We have left the Goddard's and have had quite an adventure since then.  We spent way too much time on hot buses jammed with people. I am amazed at how lean and trim the people are, especially since they seem to eat so many carbohydrates.  Sounds like a great diet to me.  They have a bread called Chippa, it is some sort of cheese  bread.  It is pretty tasty.   The buses stop, the Chippa girls hop on, go down the aisle and sell it.  The  bus pulls over again and they get off and catch the next bus going back the other direction.

Our time is going by quickly.  Today is the last day of conference.  It has been interesting.  When we arrived at the conference grounds it was like a culture shock of great magnitude.  Our expectations for the facility were a little too high.  The dorms had old bunk beds with dirty and tattered mattresses.  There was much need for maintenance.  You can not flush the TP down the toilet, you have to throw it in the basket or the toilets back up.  It was hot, humid, and dirty.  We were at a loss.

But the missionaries and kids got off the buses with joy and happiness.  They were not here for the facilities but for the relationships.  They get to reconnect with fellow missionaries that they have not talked to face to face for a year.  Everyone spoke English, no tribal languages, Guarani, or Spanish to try to make sense of.  The wives did not have cook a meal, the kids were free to run around together in the safety of the grounds.  They were overjoyed.  It taught us a lesson, that facilities are not as important as relationships.

We quickly regained our composure and have been enjoying the relationships the Lord has brought our way.  We have met missionaries from Germany, New Zealand, Canada and even Ohio and Michigan.  The teaching time has been great, the kids are attentive and responsive.  We are really enjoying our time.  But we leave tomorrow morning for Ascension.
Have to go, breakfast is calling.

Ps Bill

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