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by Ps. Bill on July 24th, 2013

Well the truth has finally emerged, Ryan Braun lied about his use of PED’s.  Many are disappointed and listening to some of the rhetoric, some want him gone and out of Milwaukee.  The truth is that it is so hard to find good role models.  And the reason it is so hard is found in Scripture, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23.  Why do we always think that if we can just find a person to follow, a person who will show us how to act and speak that we will be better. 

There is only one person we can really point to, that is the person of Jesus Christ.  Why will we look to the example of men when we have the example of the Man?  Why is it so hard to open our Bibles to be encouraged and challenged by the life of Jesus.  He is the only example we need to follow and I guess we do not like to look to Him because He was a servant to all.  He touched the untouchables, ate with those who were unlikeable, and died for the unlovable.  Our problem is we don’t want to be like Him, we will serve, but only under our conditions, we want others to be like Him toward us, we want to be served.  And besides He was poor and relatively unpopular the the in-crowd.

So don’t be too angry at Ryan Braun, there is a little of him in all of us.  We should be angry at ourselves for expecting a mere weak human being to live above his weakness.  We should be saddened by the way we place such high expectations on men like him when we know that man will always disappoint.  

We need to keep our focus on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith (Heb 12:1-2).  He will never disappoint or give up on us. 

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