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by Ps. Bill on December 15th, 2012

I was playing with my grandson yesterday, 12/14, when I received a phone call asking me if I had heard the news. Fortunately, Aaron, two years old, was too young to comprehend the tragedy that was reported.  The school shootings that killed 20 kindergartener through 4th graders and 7 adults was an act of pure evil propagated by a young man who was not privileged to know the surpassing love of God. I believe that this is the result of the gradual devaluation of human life that finds its beginnings in the evolutionary theory that is taught in our schools and is used by our spiritual enemy to breed hopelessness.  Jesus describes this enemy as a murderer and a liar, John 8:44. 

President Obama, in his statement concerning the tragedy yesterday afternoon, said that every parent grieves with those parents who are going through this unimaginable loss and will be hugging their children a little longer tonight as a result. Good words to consider, but as believers in Christ we need to go further.  We have a great responsibility to help our children understand the love of Christ through the Gospel and understand the urgency to impact our neighborhoods and communities with the love of God.  It is only God's love through Christ that changes hearts and world views.

Now comes the real work for those families involved, the process of healing.  What will make this process so difficult is the forgiveness that must be offered for true healing to take place.  Certainly it is not easy to forgive someone who has taken your child away.  But God commands us to forgive, just like He forgave us. We need to uphold these families in prayer that God would give them hope, strength, will and love to forgive this man for what he has taken from them. Pray that they would find the comfort and healing that only our Father gives, and that the church in Newtown would come along side of these families with God's love and support. 

As for me, God has shown me what a gracious gift He has given me - - time to spend with my children and grandchildren; time to love them, and time to pour my heart and life into them.  Time to do that is never guaranteed, so I need to use the time He has given me wisely.

Ps Bill

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Julie - December 26th, 2012 at 12:20 AM
My head just shakes from side to side. My prayers are going out to these grieving family's.
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