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by Ps. Bill on January 28th, 2016

​Sometimes we are asked the question, “Is God at work at Beloit Road Baptist?”  Of course we can say yes, but that really does not answer the question.  What they really want to know is how is God at work.  That is a valid question that we should be asking all the time, if we can’t answer that we have a problem, so here are some words to encourage all the readers of this post.
God is doing some wonderful things here, it is always a joy to talk to members of the congregation who come up and share how the ministry has been affecting their walk on a daily basis.  We do not want to share names, but we have been told of how the messages and the studies have changed the way they interact with family and at work.  How God has shown them that what they are doing is not an act of love, and neither does it keep the name of God holy.  Sometimes those seem like small things, but that really is the essence of church growth. It is not always seen in numbers of attendees, but are those who walk through the doors growing in their relationship with Christ and bringing glory to His name in every situation. 
Then there was the awesome display of love for the missionaries and people in Paraguay.  Anyone can go to a foreign country and see the sights and share the love of Christ, but the way this church rallied behind the ministry was beyond our expectations.  It had to be a God thing.  It brought encouragement to the Missionaries on the field, who love what they are doing, but do need to know that there are people who love and pray for them.  It brought encouragement to the national church as they were left with the knowledge that the church is bigger than them, and that there were people thousands of miles away who were praying for them.  It brought encouragement to the team who went, as we experienced your love, prayers and support, which helped us to display the love of Christ to all we came in contact with.  It was amazing to see how the Church of Christ can come together to display His glory when we are so far away from one another.
For a long time we prayed for more prayer warriors to come on the scene, for prayer really is the weapon of our battle.  Even though it seemed like a long time to come about, we now have 20-24 people coming out on Wednesday evening for our Prayer and Bible Study time.  That is a God thing. 
We need to remain encouraged and looking to the God who loves us on a daily basis.  We may feel insignificant at times, but we serve a God who works with through the weak and insignificant things of the world.  So lets continue to rejoice and praise Him for He never forgets us. 
Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

by Ps. Bill on January 14th, 2016

​Dear Brothers and Sister in the LORD,
We are back from Paraguay and Praising the LORD for a wonderful trip.  How can we ever communicate all that GOD did during this trip?  We are reminded of the verse:  1 Thessalonians  5:24  Faithful is He that calls you, who also will do it.   We experienced this verse first hand as we were on this trip to Paraguay.  GOD is faithful and GOD did do so many marvelous things during this Paraguay Missions Trip!
We saw GOD provide for the trip financially, emotionally and spiritually.  He brought just the right people to be on the Paraguay team and used each of us where it pleased HIM.  He kept us safe though out the trip and no one got sick.  We saw Him open up opportunities to encourage the missionaries and to connect with the Paraguay people in some awesome ways.  Through every aspect of the trip we saw GOD working in us and through us.  We want to Praise and Thank the LORD!
We saw God raise up each of YOU who prayed for us, encouraged us, gave financially to us and provided gifts for the missionaries.  Words fall short on how to say THANK YOU to each one of YOU our faithful FAMILY IN THE LORD.  We are reminded of David in I Samuel 30, when David and his men had recovered all the Amalekites had taken from them.   Some of David’s men did not want to share what they recovered with the rest of their people who stayed with the stuff and did not go into battle.  David in verse 24 said, “…We share and share alike, those who go to battle and those who guard the stuff”.  Not everyone could go on this trip to Paraguay BUT each one of you who stayed back here in the states and prayed, gave and encouraged do have the rewards of the trip.  GOD does see your part and we share all that GOD did during the trip with each of YOU.   Thank YOU for your faithfulness and for being a part of our mission’s team to Paraguay.  The missionaries that We and You ministered to on this trip also Thank YOU for all you gave and did to make this trip a blessing.  GOD was high and lifted up and it was all of us as a TEAM that had a part in what GOD did in Paraguay. 
We would love to share with any of you more details and pictures of the trip so please don’t hesitate to ask.  We did ask each team member to write a short paragraph of how the trip impacted them personally.  As you can imagine it felt impossible and really does not fully communicate all the God did in each of our lives to write say it all in a short paragraph.  There is so much more we could say and would love to share.  God truly changed each of our lives through this trip and we pray it will continue to impact each of us for the rest of our lives. 
Here are the comments each one on the team shared:
Pastor Bill Johnson:  What could I ever say that could convey my experience in Paraguay, there are really no words to describe all that God has done.  The Scriptures are so true, 1Co 12:12 “For even as the body is one and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.”  I saw Christ so clearly in the Pai’ people, how the gospel has transformed them.  How they have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.  Their joy and their testimonies brought joy. The missionaries we came in contact with were godly examples of servants.  They had such humble attitudes and were so thankful that we had come to share our lives with them.  It was a humbling experience; the love of Christ was exuding from their speech, their actions, and their attitudes.  We came to encourage them and instead they encouraged us.  This is how the body is supposed to work; this is the greatest form of evangelism.  I believe that this is what the world is looking for, and we should not have to go all the way to Paraguay to find it.  

Ruthann Johnson:   Meeting the missionaries and families in Paraguay at Conference was a pleasure like no other, They loved us, laughed with us, enjoyed and learned with us and received us gladly with open hearts; we were the ones who were blessed beyond compare. Doing Bible lessons with music, skits, and many stories made God's Word come alive. God’s presence was like a cool refreshing blanket of peace and love, in direct contrast to the heat, humidity, sweat, rain, and limitations of the camp, God’s generous ministry, encouragement and delight knows no limitations.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to meet, pray, enjoy, and love on our missionaries in Paraguay. Thank you Randy and Linda for all your work to have made this Mission Possible!

Lynn Wingerd:  It is always a joy to see what God is doing and join Him in His work. We traveled to Paraguay to spend time with New Tribes Missionaries where we saw two families immersed in serving Him under less than ideal circumstances. Their vehicles rattled, their transformers blew out, their washing machine was on its last “chug”, they had significant health issues, all while shepherding two indigenous churches with weekly Bible studies, Bible memory work with young people, personal counseling and modeling the Christian life for a whole community of seekers and believers. It was humbling to see how they were truly spending their lives in His service.  As one 17 yr son told us, his biggest problem was isolation. Coming from this land of plenty with plenty of friends and family, close friends to talk with whenever we choose, Christian radio, bookstores, amazing DVDs, and even challenging Christian movies this was far from my thinking.  My trip has burdened me to pray more for our missionaries, send more Care Packages, and read closely their letters for what God may have me do to continue supporting these dear Christians in their labor of love in Paraguay. They are plagued with terrible flooding right now. Please pray for the safety of our NTM missionaries and their churches in the colonies!
David Wingerd:  This was a hard, but very interesting trip.  I was so impressed with the missionaries that we visited and also those we saw at the conference.  These missionaries have given their lives, hearts and souls to the work of the Lord in reaching these peoples.  I felt honored to be there and to give a little of ourselves in this short period of time to such a worthwhile, dedicated, humble group.  Though their lives are rather isolated they are so dedicated to their work.  I thought that they either has to be very smart (to learn and be able to switch between any of 3 languages), very adventitious (to live in the wilds away from civilization), or crazy.  After getting to know them, I think it is part of all three.  They Loved the Lord, were well grounded in the Word, and were generous with their time and resources with us and with the natives.  They mostly live like paupers, but are rich in faith and have a heart for the tribal people.     
The kids were very attentive, well behaved and smart.  We found that they had little experiences in playing group games.  Getting them to form circle or lineup in a straight line was foreign.  They caught on quickly and by the end of the week they were doing well.
God has his way of working things out even when we are unaware.  We left on our non-A/C 11-hr public bus ride from the city of Pedro Juan Callero in the north to Crudad del Este in the south east on December 9th.  On December 9-10, a record 36 inches of rain fell in 48 hours.   The terrific runoff washed out for a long section of the highway that we had just traveled.  It is the only major road in the area.  We later heard that an estimated 8-10 days would be required to make it even passable.  Had we been one day later that 11-hr bus ride could have turned into 22 hours, if we could have made it at all.  Alternative routes were much, much longer.  We thank the Lord for watching over us, even when we are not aware.

Katie Wood:  Thank you so much for your prayers and support of our trip to Paraguay!  Words will never be able to describe how amazing the experience was. We fell in love with the people and their simple way of life; with the missionaries and their deep passion to share the Gospel; with the country and its beauty. I feel like we have all left a piece of our hearts with the families that we went to serve. God showed us time and time again that He had a plan and a purpose for us, and His hand of protection never left us. We have made forever friends and have been blessed beyond measure to encourage and serve in whatever way we could.

Emily Wood:  This was an amazing opportunity and I have made a lot of close life time friends, what struck me the most was, that a lot of people over there have nothing and are so grateful, yet people who live in the states and have everything and rude and greedy and always want more.  Thank you to everyone who made this happen, here's to the first of many to come. (Hopefully!)

Jacob Wood:  I was influenced in Paraguay by the agriculture and everybody was so nice.  All of the houses were a lot different than here at home.  I am really grateful for all of the things that we have.

Gavin Gwyer:  I had an amazing time in Paraguay.  I made a lot of new friends along the way.  We played a lot of volleyball.  I was very welcomed by the missionary kids, not only my age group, but younger and older than myself.  The highlight of the trip for me was the conference. I had the opportunity to be baptized along with my sister Mackenzie, and other missionary kids. I was very grateful that my papa, Randy Wood, was able to baptize me.  One thing God taught me was to not take things for granted.  We have a lot of stuff here in America yet the missionaries and missionary kids and even the tribal people have very little and yet are very content.  I wish to go again sometime real soon.

Mackenzie Gwyer: One of the things God showed me on our mission’s trip is that the tribal people take God so much more serious than we do.  They have no electronics, very little of anything.  The Word of God is very precious to them. Everyone was so very friendly to us.  One of my highlights of the trip was having PaPa being able to baptize me along with my brother Gavin.  It made it very special being in Paraguay, being with my brother and having my new friends be there with me.

Carol Yule:  I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to be part of the Paraguay Missions Team.  I will never forget the experience of spending time with the missionaries there, seeing how they live and the work they do.  I pray this will impact all that I do for the rest of my life.  And I want to thank each of you who had a part in making this trip possible.  God Bless You All,  Carol Yule

Linda Wood: What an amazing trip!  Randy & my desire for many years has been to expose our grandchildren to overseas missions.  To see the work that the Lord has done in their hearts and the hearts of our team as a whole, there are no words to express it.  Each day, from the time we climbed into the 12 passenger van that took the 10 of us, 20 check in bags, 10 roller carry on, and 10 personal backpacks to the airport God had His hand on us.  Each day we saw the provision of His protection on us. Each day we saw the answers to our prayers, from cooler weather than normal, sleeping arrangements, new friends, no sickness, safety on so many public busses, to finding our one lost suitcase just before we walked out the door of the airport, to seeing two of our grandkids baptized – again – what an amazing trip!!!

Randy Wood:  I am always awed at how God can take ordinary people and use them to proclaim His Name.  The whole trip was a huge blessing and encouragement in my life.  I was reminded at how the fields are white unto harvest and the Laborers are few.  I am praying for more missionaries to go to the foreign field to share the Gospel with so many who have never clearly heard the message of Hope and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.  I was also challenged afresh to pray, support and encourage our missionaries who are representing us on the foreign mission field.  I was honored to be a part of this team and am truly thankful for everyone who went and who stayed back home and prayed, gave and encouraged us.   We are at team and co-laborers with each other and with the LORD. 

by Ps. Bill on December 23rd, 2015

God is Good.  We made it home all in one piece and all of our luggage.  About the time our bodies were adjusting to heat and humidity we come back to cold and humidity.  But it could be colder.  Now we also have to catch up on some rest.  Please be praying for those who have to get back in to their work routine so quickly.

Our time in Paraguay was amazing, and God was apparent in the process.  When we arrived in Paraguay it was cloudy and hot.  We arrived at the guest house and got settled into bed and it began to storm.  They had over 4” of rain and it was over by the time we were out of bed.  That pretty much described our encounters with the rain while we were there.  It always followed us.  When we drove from Pablo Juan Callebero to Cuidad del Estes it was a pretty nice day.  but there was a storm that followed us and washed out the highway, not just a small section, but a pretty significant chunk.  If we would have left a few hours later we would not have made it.  we would have been stuck in the Northern part of the country.

The only rain we had to deal with was the Saturday before we left.  Travis, our NTM liaison, drove us into Ascension to do some last minute shopping and help out the local economy.  It was raining pretty good, the streets were like rivers.  We went shopping, outdoor mall, and stayed dry as it pretty much stopped by the time we got there.

Our time at the conference was amazing also.  David and Linda, Carol and Ruthann, Katie and Ps. Bill, and Randy were blessed by those who attended our sessions.  We just pray that we were able to bless them as much as they blessed us. 

The gifts that were made available to the missionaries were greatly appreciated.   It was hard at first for the missionaries to take more than they might need.  But after we encouraged and hounded them they began to take what they needed.  Talking to one family, they told us that their parents sent some coloring books, crayons and other things for their children’s Christmas.  When they received the package is was pretty disgusting looking and the books and things were covered in mold.  They were pretty taken back as that was pretty much their kids Christmas.  Lo and behold, on the gift tables there were coloring books, crayons, toys…   Needless to say, they were ecstatic.   God is involved in all the details.

There is so much more, I will try to add some more in the next days.  But you can see the pictures and testimonies on Dec 31, at BRBC, 6PM.

by Ps. Bill on December 18th, 2015

We have been with out a reliable internet connection and time to post anything.  So here is a quick glimpse of our time.

December 14, 2015
It has been a while since I have been able to sit down and get thoughts together concerning our time here in Paraguay.  Some of you are probably wondering if we are still around, yes we are. 

We have left the Goddard's and have had quite an adventure since then.  We spent way too much time on hot buses jammed with people. I am amazed at how lean and trim the people are, especially since they seem to eat so many carbohydrates.  Sounds like a great diet to me.  They have a bread called Chippa, it is some sort of cheese  bread.  It is pretty tasty.   The buses stop, the Chippa girls hop on, go down the aisle and sell it.  The  bus pulls over again and they get off and catch the next bus going back the other direction.

Our time is going by quickly.  Today is the last day of conference.  It has been interesting.  When we arrived at the conference grounds it was like a culture shock of great magnitude.  Our expectations for the facility were a little too high.  The dorms had old bunk beds with dirty and tattered mattresses.  There was much need for maintenance.  You can not flush the TP down the toilet, you have to throw it in the basket or the toilets back up.  It was hot, humid, and dirty.  We were at a loss.

But the missionaries and kids got off the buses with joy and happiness.  They were not here for the facilities but for the relationships.  They get to reconnect with fellow missionaries that they have not talked to face to face for a year.  Everyone spoke English, no tribal languages, Guarani, or Spanish to try to make sense of.  The wives did not have cook a meal, the kids were free to run around together in the safety of the grounds.  They were overjoyed.  It taught us a lesson, that facilities are not as important as relationships.

We quickly regained our composure and have been enjoying the relationships the Lord has brought our way.  We have met missionaries from Germany, New Zealand, Canada and even Ohio and Michigan.  The teaching time has been great, the kids are attentive and responsive.  We are really enjoying our time.  But we leave tomorrow morning for Ascension.
Have to go, breakfast is calling.

Ps Bill

by Ps. Bill on December 8th, 2015

Greetings from the Republic of Paraguay
I hope you continue to be patient as we continue to represent all of you for the glory of God to His Church and the people of Paraguay.  We have been having a wonderful time.  The country is beautiful, but the people are even more beautiful.  Please pray that the Spirit would come mightily upon this country and that their hearts would be opened and they would see that they are living in darkness.  Those that have come to Christ are definitely lights in their tribal communities. 
We journeyed from the NTM guest house in Asuncion on Saturday morning and since then we have been without WiFi, so I was not able to keep up on getting you updates.  We traveled on bus for 7 hours to Mark and Odie Goddard’s house.  They share the work with John and Barb Windler, what a blessing that was.  The ride was long and boring, but when Randy is part of the group there are always interesting times.  He was trying to teach some young men English, they were not always willing students, but Randy’s joy kept them going.
On Sunday morning I was reading Ps 51 as part of my devotions, I was struck by these verses:
10  Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.
11  Do not cast me away from Your presence And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.
12  Restore to me the joy of Your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit.
13  Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, And sinners will be converted to You.
I wonder if the reason we do not see more people coming to Christ is because we have lost the joy of our salvation.  Why would people want to listen to the awesome power of the grace of God when they do not see the joy of our own salvation.  Instead we wallow in our self pity.  Why would anyone want to hear what we have to say when they see our lives.
On Sunday morning we went to the tribal church where we shared testimonies and they shared testimonies.  God is doing a magnificent work.  It was amazing, as all the people came in, they would all come, shake our hand and greet us.  From youngest to oldest, it was totally awesome.  Even mothers who were carrying their children would come and the child would stick out his hand so we could shake it.  It was such a pleasure to be with the family of God here in Paraguay.  The place was filled with joy.
The morning service was about 3 ½ hours long.  Then some of us went to an afternoon service in a different location.  The group was smaller, but it was still a blessing.  One of the men stood up and shared how he used to drink and beat his wife, sometimes with a machete.  But since he has come to faith in Christ he has put away the alcohol and no longer beats his wife.  They had seven kids, and one young woman lived with them whose parents died.  They had twin girls that passed around the Terere  from person to person the whole service with a smile the whole time.  They were so beautiful.
Even though there are two small churches planted and in operation, there is still a lot of work to be done.  Leaders need to be raised up, and church structure needs to be established.  Keep praying for these churches as they strive to bring glory to Christ.  There is a lot of spiritual warfare.  This is an area with much drug trafficking and prostitution. 
Monday we had the pleasure of meeting with some of the tribal people.  The men went and visited Alejandro, an elder in the community, but as yet, an unbeliever.  He showed us some of the traps he has made to trap animals, quite unique.  He then showed us a bow and arrow that he made; of which Jacob is now the proud owner.  He also told us of some of the traditions of the Pai’ people, many of which are no longer followed.  One of the main traditions he spoke of was the lip piercing tradition. 
When a boy reached 12 years old, his father would take him to one of the holy places where the boy would stay 30-45 days.  During this time the chief priests would teach the boys what it meant to be a man.  They were not to steal, kill, get drunk…, that they should not marry until they were at least 18, after that time was complete they would have their lower lip pierced and a small wood peg inserted into the hole.  If the boys did not do this he would bring evil down on the family.
The women went with Hermalinda and Selaia.  You will hear about their time in a future post.  However, the women cooked us lunch.  It was called Dog Boots.  And no it was not dog.  It was rice with a sauce made of Yucca root and sausage, and some dish made with beef.
I wish I could fill you in on all the details and share all the pictures, but you will have to attend the big event on Dec 31 at 6Pm at BRBC. IBC friends will see this when David and Lynn return.
Prayer Requests
Pray for Odie and their son, Connor.  They are both feeling sick and the Dr’s do not have a final diagnosis as of yet.Pray for Spencer Goddard and Josiah Windler as they look to making post-high school decisions concerning schooling and career direction.Pray for John and Barb Windler as an opportunity to start a Paraguayan Missionary Training Center has come to the forefront.  Pray for wisdom and discernment as they decide if this is from God.Pray for Mark and Odie as they will be making decisions concerning their next furlough, the timing and duration of it.Pray that the Paraguayan church would continue to grow spiritually and numerically.Pray for our time at the conference next week.  That we would be a blessing and encouragement to all we meet. 

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